who tells you that pouring down tears, kneeling before someone you think is better than you or even posting your problems on all social media platforms, gives you a starting point to your journey?

If a story of a thousand words begins with a word, then why do you keep complaining, lamenting and seeking for advise about where you should start.? You are the very starting point to that thing you want to start. look up, down, close your eyes and in a blink of an eye, you will have started off a journey to your career/success. Chauncey Depew former United states senator ounce said that,      “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” Therefore the time is now for you to realize that you are the only water drop that can fill your own ocean and that without your input, you will never get to a certain level.


Live the smile

When we were children, fights quarrels and wounds are what defined us. What happened! I can’t tell as well. However all that that defined us negative as it maybe, am glad to announce that it united us, many years down the road, we can “We are because we were”

Make friends, have fun prepare for tomorrow. Together we shall fight but in thw same spirit we shall stand to defeat our faults.


In most cases I wouldn’t care who crossed before me. I Petrarch!! I didn’t want to know about men. Yes men. But there is this particular one who I had never met before until on this one bright Sunday morning.

As I am heading to church, a very smart handsome boy runs into me. Ofcourse I am surprisingly disappointed in him because I am late for church and I guess he too knows it. So while still looking at this him, I am extensively wondering “What does he want to say to me? Does he just want to block my way into church, but why?” Trust me nothing mattered to me more than my God, not even money though right there another person in me kept saying, “petra this man is really worth listening to.”

“Hi good morning” I said to him as he stared at me with hesitation.Before I could utter out a word, he looked at me in the eyes and said, ” my name is Tom, I don’t know you, neither do you know me but one thing am sure about is that I have fallen in love with you.” I gazed at Tom in a long silence but couldn’t pick out even a ssingle piece of him to trust. Then he again said the same words to me. This time I was touched, his tone had changed. Tom seemed serious and not joking. However I replied to him rudely “Men are like musicians. They can all sing a song with different lyrics but using the same beats.” I could tell that he had not understood by the look on his face. “In other words, men are the same.” I whispered to him as I pushed him off my way to church. And then as I was about to enter into the door, something stopped me. Tom was crying ” I want you to be my girlfriend” when I turned to look behind, he was kneeling on his black jeans. Amazingly this time the voice with which he had said this, I could not avoid. The flow of it kept matching with my heart beat. I could not control the heavy weight I was holding in my chest. As I walked back a few steps, I reached him, got hold of his hand and got hin to his feet. For a moment we stared into each other’s eyes and as alot was going through my mind, at that point I almost said yes. That is when I was awakened by the heavy clapping from the congregation. “I am not ready to open up to any man especially to a stranger like you Tom except to my God. Bye bye” while grabbing my hand, Tom pleaded to me, “if you don’t want to be my girlfriend, atleast tell me your name and give to me your phone numbr, please don’t go” With his words almost pulling me back, I rushed into church with a heartful smile not forgetting to leave him with my ears as well the heart.